I have not mentioned anything about a class action or an attorney until you raised it
Joint legal action against Advanced Network Hosts
Therefore, I am forming a group of people looking to take legal action against this firm for misrepresenation
If joint or group does not mean class, please define for me.

Why are my feathers ruffled? I have seen this so many times, folks who need to vent doing it with false claims of class action suits, when infact they are clueless as to how a class is even formed.

I myself have been threatened many many times with message board lawsuits. In every instance I simply try to put their attorney in touch with mine, without fail they never have an attorney. Do not get me wrong, I have actually been sued a few times (undefeated), in all instances they actually talked to a lawyer, they did not bring it up on a message board.

Unless you have filed an individual cause of action in the us you cannot even say you are 1 step closer to bringing this to an end.

Again, I am on your side and understand your frustration and need to vent, but keep it real. Do you understand that by posting your threats you have possibly harmed yourself 2-fold?

1 If I was the host, you just blew any remaining chance of solving this with me. You would get a certified letter telling you that all communications must now be done through my attorney. Any attempts to contact or discuss this matter with me would be considered harrasment. No refunds or consideration will be given until this matter is solved by a court of law.

2 It is actionable to publicly threaten lawsuits and not follow through. (there is a word for this but it escapes me right now).

I have seen it hundreds of times, how did I know you did not have an attorney...think about it.