I would like your opinion/offer on my website which I thinking about selling:


Page Hits per day: >40,000
( this is actual page hits not "hits")

Website is 4 years old.

I spend $400 per month on advertising.

Income from advertising on website $1300 per month
Other Income from website:
May- October = 14,000 = $25,000 for 6 months
So around $4000 per month on average for the last 6 months.

Website is run by myself, I have an artist in the US that does custom tattoo sketches, I also have a small group of freelance translators who do name/word translations usually for around $1 each paid by paypal.

After a couple of years most of the requests for name/word translations are on file here so orders are often pure profit. Maybe $200 per month paying translators/artist.

Website can easily be run very part time by one person.

I would like an valuation on the business which has over 1300 pages listed in google and that figure will grow.