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    Arrow http://www.securityusa.info/


    Your Feedbacks/Critiques - both Pro & Con Please

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    Here are my 0.02$.

    1. The "advertisement" flash on the right is cool... good way to give a that amount of information quickly. Timing is also good--changes about every 2-3 seconds and keeps attention. I would recommend, however, after 1-2 loops, to stop it and/or give the user the option to "Stop Flash Animation".

    2. Just an FYI: the right flash video's "bullets" might be offensive to people and drive off potential customers. The mindset that security requires lethal force.

    3. There is a lot of inconsistancy when you move around the site--it appears (and I think you are) to send you to three or four different sites depending on what link you click on. That can confuse users if they don't see something in common.

    4. The red on dark blue/black background is hard to read and may not be readable for individuals with color blindness. A good source quick primer for color blindness is at http://www.dai-sho.com/colorblindness/#eyecharts

    5. With the side and top being different colors than the background, you might want to set your page margins to "0" on all sides so you can't see the background around the edges.

    Hope some of these suggestions help!