How many of you are using Aluria to help keep your computer clean of the scumware and spyware?

If you use Aluria you probably already know WhenU is in its list of targets. WhenU is in some peoples opinion the scummiest of the scumware, overloading computers with bunches and bunches of unwanted advertising. Breaking its own privacy policy which states that "As the user surfs the Internet, URLS visited by the user are not transmitted to or any third party server." When in fact this was a lie, and is the way they are able to target its advertising to the user.

Last week Aluria decided to stop targetting WhenU with its anti-spyware software. Though the move seemed odd at the time, it has now been made more clear now that Aluria has announced a new partnership with, you guessed it, WhenU.

WhenU has also been known to send its corporate "bullies" to the homes and offices of those that speak out against them. They also have a thing for cloaking thier website in an effort to control the factual information which may be unfavorable to them.

Is Aluria spyware? Probably not, but it is hypocritical to manufacture an anti-spyware utility while at the same time partnering up with the worst offenders. IMO, Alluria has now redefined the meaning of scumware and they are the new definition.