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    Exclamation In Need Of Lots Of Things

    Hello Everyone,

    I am currently working on a site for me and my frienads ( a community ). I have created this before and was a reall succes, but because there wasn't much to do on the site, people visited to read the news and read some new jokes and left.

    That's why I want to redo the whole site ( it's offline now, for over 1 year already ). And I already managed to create a Main page, and a Contact page. And found some one to code it for me in css/html.

    Now my problem is, how can I make it interactive. That was my first question, and I found some answers:

    - Online Games
    - Online Msn
    - Chat Room
    - And of course a FORUM

    But the biggest problem is, since i'm not a coder and don't have any knowledge in this area, how do I set these things up, and where can I get the best scripts for them.

    I don't want it to be looking al weird and stuff, I want everything to look like it was build for my site. Is there anyone willing to help me out, by suggesting new ways to make my site interactive or by helping me install these scripts, or even find me some.

    I really appreciate your time and effort,

    Klaas Koopman, Administrator KKPortfolio.net

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    For a free forum, I'd suggest phpBB.com. You can find scripts for the others and more forums at hotscripts.com.

    Here is a pretty cool Wheel of Fortune script.
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