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    Post Questions...

    I have been developing a website for my HS marching band for about a year and a half now. The URL is http://chsband.cjb.net/ in case you are curious. I have a navagation frame on the left that is inserted via tables. Frames are generally something I hate to run into on the internet, mainly because the contents of frames do not scroll with the main content area of the page and require scroll bars to be placed within each frame to see all contents. How does webmasters for sites such as this one update their navigation bar without spending several days tracking down each page!??!

    Thanks for your answer in advance.

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    Hiya gt, welcome to the forums mate.

    The easiest way to acheive this is to use some kind of include. There are many, but the easiest to start with (and the most likely to be supported by your host) is Server Side Includes, or SSI.

    This is how they work -

    I have a page with just my menu in, no <head> tags, no <body> tags, just the html for my menu. I call this menu.html .

    I can include this page with an SSI command, like this

    <!--#include virtual="menu.html" -->
    Note the space between " and --> . important not to forget.

    Sounds simple, doesnt it? But there is a catch..

    because 'parsing' a webpage to look for SSI commands is quite hard work for the server, it doesnt do it for ALL pages. It will only do it for pages with this extention -


    So try a little test, make a *.shtml page and try an insert.

    The advantages are obvious..once you change menu.html it updates EVERY page that it is included in.

    Hope thats clear...i have a hangover so if anything is not clear just post and I'll try to sober-up enough to explain it properly.

    Cya mate,
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