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    Long sales copy versus short sales copy.

    I am a believer in long sales copy. The long sales copy I've used on my site has worked much better at converting visitors than the short sales copy. But then I have a higher ticket sales item ($99).

    I'm starting to see, though, sales copy that goes beyond the description "long"--ENORMOUS would be a better world, or NEVER-ENDING.

    Honestly, I -never- read all of that copy and almost always get bored and leave the site.

    Does this super-ultra-long copy work for anybody?

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    (long version)Great topic, one I have often pondered.

    IMO if you are an affiliate it is best to keep things short and to the point. Your objective is to get the visitor to the merchant page and not have them hanging around.

    If you are a merchant it is more important to get all the needed info to get the sale. IMO it is important to know when it is too much though. One thing I cannot stand is the clickbank type pages, where there is so much hype that you have a half inch scrollbar. Do not take offense as these are just my opinions, but I went to your sites when you joined and the impression I got was "infomercial". I was a very succesful sales rep of commercial lighting for many years. If you have ever made a living from seles professionally you know a sales person hates to be sold, so my opinion could be distorted.

    One of the basic things I learned as a sales rep, know when to shut up and close the deal. This is easy in a face to face pitch, but when you put a pitch on the web you do not get the immediate feedback or the body language that allows you to on the fly change your pitch(website) to meet the requirements to close every sale.

    (short version) Trial and error my friend


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