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    Question download offer on our homepage doesn't work

    Hi all,
    on our website we offer word-documents for downloads. It occurs very often (but not always!) that people can download the documents (generally openend in the browser itself), but when they want to use the "back"-button of the browser they get a windows-message saying there was an internal error and Internet Explorer has to close. (our site is www.edf-feph.org if anybody wants to test her/himself)

    Does anybody know how I can solve this problem? I have no idea how I can handle this and would appreciate any help!!

    Thank you very much!!


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    I've come across this problem before as well, but in my case it's MP3 files opening in browser windows instead of Word Docs. What I did was put a little paragraph at the top of the page saying :

    "right click on the link and select 'save target as', then save the file to your hard drive."

    That's the best solution I have. Hope that helps.
    robert koons

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