I had an experience recently that taught me not to be afraid of making deals for services on the internet. I thought others would benefit from it and so wanted to share it here.

When I first created my AdSense products I did not have an affiliate program. But I received numerous requests from visitors asking how they could resell the product for me, and because of their inquiries I setup an affiliate program. Six months and thousands and thousands of dollars later, I'm very glad I listened!

Now, a few weeks ago I went looking for a professional copywriter to rework my sales copy and increase my conversion rate. I knew there was much that could be done, and I knew I wasn't succeeding at doing it, so I thought I'd bring in a professional.

What I did not realize at the time was how expensive a professional sales copywriter is! The ones I found with samples I liked charged thousands per sales letter--and I needed three.

Before learning that webmasters and internet professionals are sometimes willing to swing deals, I would have walked away and sighed and figured that I'd just have to learn how to do it myself. But I had learned a thing or two from the fact that I listened to my visitors--maybe one of the copywriters I emailed would listen to me.

In fact, one of the writers I contacted called me to talk about the site. When I told him that I was not prepared to pay thousands up front but would be willing to make a deal with him--he said "thanks, but no thanks". He did, however, pass me on to another copywriter who does just that.

And he did! For a few hundred up front I was able to setup a deal where he would rewrite all of the sales copy, tweak it to improve performance over time and write autoresponder-based lessons to help further sales. The new sales copy will go into effect Dec 1, and based on his samples I am confident that my sales will get a real boost.

So the short of it is this: don't give up because the website has a pricetag on it that you can't pay. Try and work a deal--sometimes people like me and my hired copywriter are willing to comply!