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Thread: CSS help

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    CSS help

    i need external style sheet that will be used for all the pages on a

    site. the style must include the following characteristics:

    the body of the pages must have a beige background, the color of the

    text is brown and the font family must be sans serif.

    all headings, regardless of level must have blue text.

    all headings except level-three headings should be centered.

    level-three headings should be aligned to the right.

    all horizontal rulers2 should be 75% width.

    all unordered lists should use a square bullet.

    all ordered list should use upper case roman number bullets.

    when the mouse hovers over links, the background color must change to

    rgb(74,74,74) and the text color must change to rgb(35, 194, 207).

    if you can do this send it to my email @ email removed
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    you can get probably 95% of what you are looking for by using the CSS Generator at http://www.ahfb2000.com/cssgenerator2.php?sub=gen_form

    If you still have things that you need help with let us know.


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