I took a look at your site and the first thing I notice is your site lack content. Here are some things you can do to improve your site.

1) Go to any search engine and type in the phrase "google key word suggestion tool". Type this in without the quotation marks.
Enter your site url and click the get keywords. You will see a list of keywords that you can you.

2) Go to your home page and write more things about your site. Making sure you use the keywords in that were suggested. Your keywords should make up 10% to 15% of the words on your home page.

3) Go to any search engine and search for "Free meta tag generator". Enter a title, description and keywords and click genereate meta tag code. NOTE: Make sure your title and description contain your primary keyword or kewords. This is very important as search engines use this info to determine how relevant so site is in relation to the search term a visitor might type in.

4) Once the above steps have been completed, go to any search engine and type in the phrase "Free search engine submission". Submit your site to as many search engines as possible.

This is one of the fastest ways to get visitors to your site. I hope this info helped.