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    Im not sure if this can even be done
    Im new w/ javascript and I need help with this
    Its for a game
    The object of this script is for them to type in A user name, and it returns their Stats ID page

    I have created this, but have no clue where to go with it
    If you will, go here:
    enter Bearruler into the box and hit Submit
    It will take you to a rankings page
    What I want, is it to actually GO into the Link there labeled Bearruler
    Any help on this would be nice
    Code I have so far:


    <td align="center"><font color="black">Username:</font>

    <FORM action=http://www.kingsofchaos.com/battlefield.php?start=0 method= go name=start>
    <INPUT class="login_input" type="text" name=search value="">

    <INPUT class=login_input type=submit value=submit>
    Thanx for any help in advance

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    you can do it, but you would have to know the ID used in the website with the stats. In other words, you would have to manually add people to a list to achieve this.

    Hover your mouse over the "Bearruler" link in the search results. In the link, see the id= section? Thats the number you would need. The only way to automate this is to do so in the page you are going to, which I suspect is not yours, so I don't know how practical this is.
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