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    How To set Visible Focus(enclosed by dotted rectangle) on Achor Tag without using tab

    Im trying to simulate the tab key functionality of browser using javascript for Enter Keys. Im able to set focus on all the elements in my form except that the anchor Tag, for which the focus goes there but focus is not visible, it is hidden. Im using IE Version 6.0.2800.110615. If for single time if I use my tab key then, I am able to get the visible focus(I mean the dotted rectangle border the browser sets by default once the focus is on the anchor object). If Im not using the tab key even for a single time, I cannot see that visible focus. But this problem is not there in IE Version 6.0.2600.0000. Can u help me in resolving this issue.......... Thanks in advance

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    Hi, welcome to the forums.

    Cannot really help you without seeing your code. Do you have it uploaded somehwere you can link to?
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