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    Background-color problem

    Hi all. I am new to CSS and php and am trying to display a <p> tag with a particular rgb value that I have stored in three variables. However, the background color doesn't change. When I look at the generated HTML it shows that the background-color is actually #26213d52587f even though it was supposed to only use two digits from each value according to my printf... Does anyone know why?

    Here's the code:

    // these values are actually calculated previously by the code
    // but here are their values when it gets to this point.
    $secondary_r = 2621;
    $secondary_g = 3d52;
    $secondary_b = 587f;

    // I think this is my problem... am I printing it correctly?
    printf( '<STYLE TYPE=\"text/css\"> p {background-color : #%02x%02x%02x;} </STYLE>', $secondary_r, $secondary_g, $secondary_b );

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    Hi, welcome to the forums.

    forgive my ignorance, whilst I code php for a living yet I have never used printf

    Checking the php.net manual page, I see an example of limitng characters:

    printf("[%10.10s]\n", $t); // left-justification but with a cutoff of 10 characters
    Have you tried this format?
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