Im selling my website, simply because I dont have the time to run it anymore. The site is professionally designed by me, and is COMPLETLY unique. The site is just starting to take off with over 1500 unique hits recorded in Dec

Hosting is COMPLETLY free, as im sponsored by the host. Any customers I send to the host via the site will get me 30% of the profits (this will continue if my site is sold on) The host is superb, ( and he dosent actually require anything back, although I include a link back as a thank you. The account is a resellers account so you can sell webspace to your clients.

The site obviously still requires some work. is a great place to get web design work, and thats how Ive got most of my clients - using this site as a basis for my portfolio. Ive had ALOT of interest simply because of the professional site design.

There is no BIN, and I'll consider ANY offer (This HAS to sell - please post your offers) - Upon sale (payment via paypal ONLY) I will give you full rights to the site, including all the required host information (cpanel and FTP) and the source files for the site itself.