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    Database question

    Hi I made a chess game where the chess pices are saved(in a database) where they are put every time they are moved. To people can play chess against each other over a long period this way.
    I worked very well but know the chess game developes it is getting more problems with loading information from the database. So it seems that everytime the database gets updated one more time it's getting more slow to read from is this a commen thing and how can I solve this problem??

    this is the link:

    any suggestions??
    Thanks in advance!

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    Hi, welcome to the forums.

    Database optimisation is a science in itself. I can offer some pointers but need more information -

    1) What DBMS system are you using? (mysql, Access, SQL Server etc)
    2) How many rows in the table?
    3) What hardware is the database server running on?
    And lastly I need to see the table structure with column types if possible.

    if you need help getting any of this info please feel free to post in this thread.
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