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    Lightbulb New idea

    Hi, the other day I looking for something in yahoo but I didn't find what I was looking for, so I went to google, I found what I was looking for and that's why I decided to use google more and more. Later, I decided to do some research, about why should I switch to google and I eventually I found myself reading articles, reviews and, finally, how search engines work.

    So what?
    Well, a few days later I was in the computer reading more and more, and finally it hit me, now I have what I think it's a different idea of how a search engines should work: how should it find things, based on which terms and how to give results; I don't know how do you call that, because I know nothing about search engines, what I know, however, is that my idea is new.
    So, what should I do next?
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    write some code in C or C++.. get a patent, write a paper title 'How Search Should Work'. Sell it to google or Microsoft.. Retire to a secluded beach in Mexico.. Die of old age.

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    Getting a patent is of the most importance, here is googles latest

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