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    Question Third time lucky

    Wonder if anyone can give me a few hints!

    I used to have a website with freewebs, but when i expanded it a realised i would exceed the allowed page limit. I cant move my site to another provider (as the site was made with freewebs' templates), so i am re-writing the site with HTML/XHTML.

    I've learnt basic HTML before, but i have no idea as to how to get interesting effects, especially for backgrounds (instead of just block colour or images). I have tried looking on tutorial sites, but i've only found very basic coding that i already know.

    Can anyone give me any ideas as to where i can find more detailed coding, or suggest ways to get effects such as a graded background and a working menu bar?


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    Graded backgrounds are always done with images. You can make a single-pixel width but very long image containing the gradient, and the background will tile automatically. Job done

    Whats wrong with your menu bar?
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