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    BOOKMARK Script Does Not Exit Properly?

    Hello All:

    I am back again with the same problem, just a little more information. This little script allows my guest to BOOKMARK the website.

    <a href="javascript:window.external.AddFavorite('http://www.setiuniverse.com', 'Seti UNIVERSE')">
    <font size="4" color="#FFFFFF"><b>BOOKMARK
    THIS WEBSITE!</b></font></a>

    After successfully bookmarking the website then clicking OK, this is what happens. An error page pops up stating: “The page cannot be displayed.”

    This is displayed in the URL Box: “javascript:window.external.AddFavorite('http://www.setiuniverse.com',%20'Seti%20UNIVERSE')”

    (What should happen is that when I click the OK Button, the Add To Favorites Box should just close, and I would be back on the page that I started from. What should not happen is an additional webpage opening up, with an error message! Which is what this posting is all about!)

    Does anyone know why this is happening?
    Maybe the javascript is not exiting properly?


    P.S. Where is this icon located so that I can give people credit for their help?

    If one of our members helps you, please click the icon to add to their reputation!
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    I have merged threads.

    Looking at your source code you still have the base target=_blank in the head.


    PS The Icon http://www.ahfb2000.com/webmaster_he...reputation.gif is in the yellow bar at the top of every post.
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