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    A Couple Of Questions


    Imagine.... asking for somebody to be gracious enough to help sort a problem. Imagine...going to the page provided and being bombarded with scumware downloads and download prompts. Imagine....clicking "no" to the download boxes, and having a "you must click yes" box pop up....repeat...system crash.

    You may not care to infect your visitors computers with this crap, I will not allow the people that are nice enough to help our users get infected.

    I understand it is not you that have placed this stuff on your page, it is your free hosting. Free hosting has a price, that price is my system. I am not willing to pay that price, nor am i iwlling to subject the helpful folks here to it.
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    Because of this, I was forced to go through every one of your posts to remove any links to your pages. This is not something I enjoy doing but I was left with no choice.

    While doing this I came across an older thread of yours where we had this problem before. http://www.ahfb2000.com/webmaster_he...10&postcount=7

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