Website design business for sale, the business is around 4 years old and has only grown through referrals, no advertising has been done.

Most small websites have been designed/hosted for a monthly fee rather than an up front build cost using mostly templates etc to keep time/costs down, this also brings in a guaranteed monthly income. Any changes or updated to the sites are done for free as that justifies the repeat monthly charge, usually under 5 hours per week covers any updates to the websites.

Around 36 clients who pay in total 800 ($1500) per month.
Makes around 718 ($1364) profit net per month.

This is a very stable income for the time required to upkeep them and the business continues to grow through referrals, 26 clients have been with me for 1-4 years and the rest have come on board within the last 12 months increasing the earnings and bringing in a stable and guaranteed income.

You do not need any great in depth HTML/coding skills to maintain this client base, in fact on a number of occasions I have used Rentacoder etc for specific coding work that I was not able to do myself, as long as you can use Frontpage and FTP you can manage the updates.

For further info please PM me with your email address and I will send a Word doc with more details. Asking price 18 x months net income 12900. ($24000) I know some might say it 8-12 months income however this income is a lot more stable than adsense/google reliant businesses.