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  2. Anyone know of a bookmark counter script?    Forum: Javascript Forum
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    link counter script...easy?

    To create a link counter script could you just:

    create a mysql table with the follow something like

    id linkcounter
    1 tutorial link
    2 resoure link
    3 tools link

    Then create another one with the subject being "Hits" and all I'd have to do is make a script that each time the user clicks the link is to query mysql and add one to the hits on that perticular id? sorry if it seams kinda confusing.

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    Re: link counter script...easy?

    One way is to create a function in PHP using $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'];
    Create a line in the code that inserts a "1" into a tinyint field in your MySQL table, so you'll have something to sum up (total hits).
    Using the $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'] command will also help you know which hits are unique and which ones are return visitors.
    Just an idea (personally I use the invisible hit counter from statcounter.com), hope it helps you.

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