hello guys,
i need to perform a select but with a select in in......and of course id ont know how.....

so far i got this

select u.uid useruid, concat(ifnull(u.firstnameu,'No Name'),' ',ifnull(u.lastnameu,' '),' <',u.loginu,'>') as name
from user_info as u, companysite as cs where (u.idcompanysite = cs.idcompanysite and cs.idcountry = '12' and u.uid not in (select uid as userid from user_info where idactivityparent = '59084')) order by concat(ifnull(u.firstnameu,'No Name'),' ',ifnull(u.lastnameu,' '),' <',u.loginu,'>')

so i want all the users that orderred by name and that doesnt have an idactivityparent number 59084

so far its not even running.....and i cant see what im missing...help me please