My name is Jeff Phillips and I am the CEO and Co-Owner of CAD Enterprises LLC.

Our company own several websites and 1 brick and mortar location where we sell computers.

I am looking for serious inquiries for 2 websites that we currently own. The reason is so that we can remain focused on our core business in the trucking industry.

The websites are as follows...

Details: Currently ranked #1 on MSN for the search term website design and #8 on Yahoo for the same term. We range anywhere from 16 to 18 on Google for the term website design as well. We are ranked #10 on Google for website developers. The site has a PR6 and Google shows 2350 incoming links

The revenue for this site is on target to exceed $100,000.00 this year. Stats are available for serious inquiries.

Details: PR5 remotely hosted shopping cart solution for small businesses. Monthly income. 139 Incoming links. #4 on MSN for php shopping carts. #8 on Yahoo for shopping carts. Currently averages around $500.00 per month revenue. Stats are available for serious inquiries.

We currently do not advertise either of these sites, so operating cost is minimum (hosting, daily operations, etc...)

I can be contacted via my profile on these forums or through the contact page on or our toll free number shown on any of the above mentioned websites.


Jeff Phillips
CAD Enterprises LLC