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    Unhappy How do I embed asp in html style attributes

    I'm trying to embed an asp.net function into the style height attribute of a table row. Here's what I'm trying to accomplish:

    The asp.net application on which I'm working currently uses HTML tables for formatting. While I realize that at some point we'll have to move away from that. It's necessary for now (no time for a rewrite).

    I have a printer-friendly page that has textboxes on it that I'd like to have grow dynamically based on the data within them. I've hidden the scrollbars using style="OVERFLOW: hidden". I've set the textbox borderstyle = none. As you can see, I'm trying to make the textbox appear as a label. The reason I'm not using a label is that the label control reformats and removes carriage returns and line feeds. I don't want my text reformatted. So, I'm trying to use a textbox.

    The textbox is embedded in a table row. It appears just as I want it to on the form, but it truncates some of the visible data. I wrote a VB script that calculates the number of rows in the textbox, increases the textbox.rows property accordingly, and returns the height in pixels that I want for the table row. Here's the function:

    <script language="visualbasic" runat="server">
    Function GetKeyTermsHeight() As String
    Dim sText As String
    Dim sTemp As String, iStart As Integer, iPos As Integer
    Dim iLineCount As Integer = 0, iTemp As Integer

    iStart = 1

    sText = txtKeyTerms.Text
    Do While True
    iPos = InStr(iStart, sText, vbCrLf)
    If iPos = 0 Then
    Exit Do
    End If

    iLineCount += 1
    iStart = iPos + 2

    If iLineCount = 0 Then iLineCount = 4
    txtKeyTerms.Rows = iLineCount

    iTemp = iLineCount * 16

    GetKeyTermsHeight = iTemp.ToString.Trim + "px"
    End Function

    Then, in the table row define, I'm trying to use the return value to set the row height as follows:

    <TD style="HEIGHT: GetKeyTermsHeight()" vAlign="middle" align="left" colSpan="4">

    The VS designer removes this every time. I have seen embedded functions in the attribute areas before, but can't find an example that is of this type. Can someone please offer assistance? Thanks!

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    Re: How do I embed asp in html style attributes

    I'm more an ASP than a .NET programmer, but have you tried:

    Rather than just the function call?
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    Re: How do I embed asp in html style attributes

    I finally got this to work. Here's what worked:
    <TD vAlign="middle" align="left" colSpan="4" style="HEIGHT: =GetKeyTermsHeight()" >

    The maddening thing is that this works, but if I change from the HTML tab to the Design tab, the IDE removes this code. I saved the code above in a comment in my code-behind module. I wish there was a way to stop that from happening. At least it works. Now, my text box autosizes and the table row expands to encompass it. Thanks for your response!

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