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    A message form AHFB

    I want to take the time to thank every one of you for your support over the last year. As each year comes to a close it is normal that we take an inventory of sorts, we analyze the events of the last year and what progress we have made in our individual lives.

    This year as I began my own self inventory, I realized that this year quickly rose to near the top of the list for things I have to be greatful for, my health has improved quite a bit and I spent much less time in pain than I had in the last 8 years, though income from this website was down over the last year, it gave me the opportunity to begin a new offline company, which thankfully has already reached profitability. I became engaged to a wonderful woman whom over the past 3 years has shown me what true love and a partnership is all about. These are all big things, but there are many little things that we do not even think twice about, that is until we see those that we love suffer. Over the last 3 days, I have seen as many close friends suffer, 3 friends whom I hold close to my heart will not be enjoying the holiday season as much as they had in years past.

    One friend whom was previously made severly handicapped after an auto accident(gravel truck t-bones VW bug at 55mph), had shoulder surgery 2 weeks ago on his only usable arm. It has now become so badly infected that the arm may be removed today or tomorrow(christmas day).

    A few hours after receiving the informationabout my friends arm, I was driving home when I saw several(5) fire trucks driving down the main road sirens blazing. I got a call about 20 minutes later saying 2 of my friends apartment was on fire. I figured the building was on fire and asked about thier specific apartment, he told me "no you do not understand, THIER apartment is on fire". Apparently they were both at work, when one got home and opened the front door he was met with a rolling cloud of smoke. Both are safe, the cat was givin oxygen and will be ok. Though most of thier belongings were either burnt or suffered sever smoke damage, the christmas tree and all the gifts were saved. They will still be able to see the smile on thier friends and families faces as they open the gifts.

    This year, regardless what holidays your celebrate, or even if you do not celebrate at this time of year, take a moment and look at the world around you. None of us may be where we want to be, we may not be keeping up with the Joneses, we may have suffered our own tragedy, many have. But few of us if any can honestly look around us and say poor me.

    If any of you would like to help out Greg and Andrea, whos apartment burned, please contact me using the email button on this post. I am not asking for financial help for them, they both work and have many friends that will help them, however if you have used kitchen goods and do not mind spending a couple of dollars on freight, I will make sure it gets to them. (The kitchen is what was damaged the most, as it appears to have started due to a short circuit in the microwave oven). If you are local in San Antonio Texas, and have used furniture to donate I will gladly pick it up and deliver to to them. If you feel uneasy about doing this, there are many other things you can do that would put a smile on somebody elses face as well as your own. Find a local family who was put out of thier home during the holidays and give a little something to them, call a local nursing home, and ask if they can choose a person with little or no family, pay them a visit, bring them some warm slippers.

    Be selfish, put a smile on your face helping others. It has been said that misery loves company, well so does joy, please share your joy with others.

    May your holidays be full of cheer, and may 2002 be full of good health and good friends, and may god bless each and every one of you.

    Dave Bailey

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    Im crying........

    I'll keep them in my prayers, and hope everything goes ok.

    Merry Christmas Dave, and your friends. I hope all is well....

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    My thoughts to your friends, Dave.

    This has made me realise how lucky I am.

    I hope 2002 is a better year for Greg and Andrea.
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    spoken like a poet...

    I will keep them in my prayers...

    my family is quite different also this christmas. My brother is getting better and yesterday he was scooting forward on the ground a foot or two (may not sound big but in medical terms it's a miracle and he's still getting better) but still he doesn't sleep well at nights and sometimes were up the whole night. It puts my parents through quite a mental trial as is the rest of the fmaily, but this christmas I'm thankful, he's still alive and I still have a full family sometimes when tradgedies occur u just have to look at the bright side of things or you'll never make it

    I'm keeping everyone in my prayers including ur friends Dave and I hope ur offline business does even better than expected

    Merry chrismas to all and may the next year be bright, don't gain too much pounds over the holidays

    Dave, could u tell me what ur offline business is?

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