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    connectmeet.com social networking site for Sale

    http://www.connectmeet.com is currently for sale. The website has just been completed and, at present, has very few members.

    The reason for the sale is purely my interest is in developing websites - I have no desire to market them.

    This website has a large list of powerful features that make it stand out from competitors;

    The ability to create custom profiles

    browse through profiles that meet certain criteria

    A list of tools including;
    Blog creator
    Profile management (consisting of main profile, background & interests and lifestyle & personality)
    Cool features generator (put games in your blogs)
    Rate My Image page
    Upload images (max of 15/user, can be changed)
    Manage groups
    Statistics page (for each profile you can view detailed statistics)

    Invite page; allowing users to invite several friends

    The ability to send messages to other members (as well as a bulletin feature to send messages to members in your buddy listings)

    Powerful tool to find members based on several criteria

    Unique forum

    Unique groups

    The main feature of the site is the unique and extremely powerful page editor. As far as I know no other social networking site offers the ability to customize your web page using an easy to use interface - which updates in real-time.

    Alot of work has been put into this website and I believe with the right marketing stratergy it could be up there with the likes of MySpace and Friendster. There's huge potential in this website.

    Another benefit is the maintinance on the website is next to nothing - the members create all the content and make the website expand, leaving little or nothing for you to do.

    I will accept an offer of 420 (750USD).

    Contact me via this thread, or e-mail (my email address should be in my profile)

    You can log in with the following details:

    username: demo
    password: demo

    However, I would recommend you register as a new member - This account will not have the default template.

    Any questions welcome,

    -Ross Oliver

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    Re: connectmeet.com social networking site for Sale

    Im interested in possibly buying,is this site still available ?