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    I have made a framed webpage. I have problem with the top frame.
    The layout of page is like this:
    top frame is 40 raws, rest is devided in to two cols of 175 and *.
    In a way a T shaped page.
    My problem is that...when i load the framed page...the content of the top frame do not appear at the top of the page but leaves top raw empty.
    I have included a form (search) in to the content of the top frame. Is this problem due to that form element or some frameset problem..i cant understand....
    plz help me.!!!!!
    Email: amit@amitvadnagra.8m.com

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    Without looking at the page in question, I would guess it is a problem with the frame src. The form element of a search box should not have any affect.

    Leave a url so I can see the page, I will see what I can figure out.


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    Without going to the page (we've all made these mistakes when first learning frames), I'd guess that the problem lies with the frameset tags.

    You should have 4 frames in 2 framesets.

    The first frameset defines the page into top and bottom frames.

    The second frameset is a sub-set of the 2nd bottom frame, above, in the bottom portion of the page.

    But you need only 3 names associated with the frames - top, left and right -- the left and right in the bottom --- the bottom (unused and unneeded) name overridden by the left and right names.

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