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    Angry what to do when things go wrong??

    Can anybody help with this issue? I have a client's website hosted with easyspace which has now been offline for several days. The client is extremely irate, rightfully so, but easyspace don't answer my emails (the only means of contact with them apart from fax). It would appear that I'm powerless to do anything about it.

    Does anybody know of moderators or arbitrators who can intervene in this kind of thing before it ends up becoming a legal issue.

    Thanks in advance.

    K. P. Harris

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    What you can do relies upon what you have done up to this point. There very well may be little you can do with a host when you feel unfairly treated. However, you can protect yourself proactively by making backups, if you have a database or dynamic content this should be done every day, weekly at the very least.

    I am giving you more info on this host which hopefully may help in resolving this issue.

    Easyspace Ltd
    2 Park Court Pyrford Rd
    West Byfleet
    KT14 6SD
    Phone: +44 1932 350 097
    Fax: +44 1932 350 222

    good luck,


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    Hi Dave

    Thanks for your reply, and the info. I'm going to call them today to try and resolve the issue.

    To date, I still have not received a reply from them, so I don't hold-out much hope.

    Thanks again.

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