hai everybody,

i faced a problem here to let the script perform some action here...

script index.html :
<img src="http://example.com/pix.pl" width=1 height=1>

i using this script to perform some background process while the script is loading. then at the pix.pl is a script from another domain. is somekind of keep track procedure

but only one <img .....> can i call another "abc.pl" from the 3rd domain? sounds complex :P, actually jz need to keep track in the 2nd and 3rd site. and the problem is how i gona do the "keep track" from the 3rd site? how can i trigger the "abc.pl" from another domain? coz i cant put another <img ...> in the index.html coz need lots of changing here.

really hope someone can giv a helping hand

moreover, the 3rd script(abc.pl) loaded, need to let the system treat the script is trigger from index.html, but not from "pix.pl".....

will it be impossible??

thanz lots