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    Cool 200$ monthly, 1000+unique.. 175$ script

    [FONT="Verdana"]Hey guys, I am selling my site, www.freetechprizes.com So far I have made 600$ for no advertising over 3 months. If you do not know, this is like a "freesite" where people complete offers for affilates.. the affilates then send you MONEY! if the user gets enough referralsw/completed offer (10%) then you will have to send out gifts! check out a sample site thats making millions. www.mp3players4free.com, www.freeipods.com

    WHY am i selling this?

    School started, I need better grades, have a part time job.. This site takes a lot of time and commitment but the end result is awarding. it's a great way to earn a great profit!

    Unique Visitors?
    About 1000 per month! Users have already signed up and only been up for about 4months

    What you get!
    Domain that lasts till 4-09 2006.. free hosting from dot5hosting.com (they charged me once and thats it) it has 1000mb for bandwidth and about 50 gb for stuff, 175$ script that is already embedded in the site! check out the script www.project-rafs.com .. Please check out the site www.freetechprizes.com it has been custom modded, so you can change any page you want! you can change prizes, offers, manage support tickets! I will also give you affilate sites to get offers, and forums to advertise!!I currently use clickbooth and metarewards they send out checks, bank wire and even paypal! Received 300 from both totaling to 600$

    In 3 months i've made 600$ and shipped out one order!

    PM me if you want admin screen shots.. sign up under freetechprizes.com just to check out all the features! it's free

    Uh oh, how much?

    Haha, i'm selling this site at a starting bid of 200$ I will post the end date as soon as a first person bids. I accept paypal and other processors IF needed, ask first. I know you might feel a bit nervous w/me but I guarantee you that I won't screw you over! I have 182 feedbacks from ebay all 100% positive. I am a verified paypal member

    Seller Reputation: (40) Verified Buyers
    Account Status: Verified
    Account Type: US Premier
    Account Creation Date: Dec. 22, 2000
    PayPal Member For: 4 years 8 months 25 days

    If you need screenshots of anything i'll send or post them here I also have the right to shut down this thread or close this uaction at any given time.

    200$?!? that is a lot!!
    I think 200 as a starting bid is good price because i've made 600 easily. The site comes with a nice easy to remember domain, a 175$ very customizable script and a hosting!

    BIN? Buy it now?

    YES! the BIN(buy it now) is basically a shortcut if you don't want to wait for the ending. I am selling it BIN for 650$

    I got questions...
    I encourage you ask as many questions as you need(if you need to know more about the site or hosting... if you want to negoitate ), or PM me, I will usually respond within an hour. If you need to email me, go right ahead I want questions and I'm sure you want to know a lot more about this site and me.

    I think 10$ is a good increment
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