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    dont you just love South Dakota's weather?

    i went to bed last night with a light shower...

    i woke up this morining with 3 inches of snow!

    argh... we lost a whole bunch of brances to our trees! all the snow clinged to the leaves and put too much strein on them, and, well, many of them couldnt handle it.

    when it warms up a bit i am going to have to rid our yard all the broken branches.

    (here is a small article: http://www.jacksonholestartrib.com/articles/2005/10/05/news/wyoming/69689f41232ef87f872570910004496c.txt
    btw: this applies to whyoming, but i live 30 miles from the state border! we got much of it)

    concidering we had snow last may, and snow now, we dont get much more than winter!

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    Re: dont you just love South Dakota's weather?

    Must be nice, was in the 100s last week expecting about 80 today, thanks to your cold front
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