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    Talking exchange links with my website design site

    anyone interested in banner/text link exchanges?

    my site is http://www.yourwebsite.isamazing.com

    this is a new site that is only a week old....but it will get alot more traffic with promotion and your help

    if you are interested, please email me at email removed

    thank you
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    "this is a new site that is only a week old"

    If you keep posting unsolicted commercial links, your 'free' URL will be less than 1 second old!

    "FreeURL™ defines spam to be the sending of unsolicited bulk emails, the posting of commercial links and advertising to usenet groups that do not allow it and repeatedly posting off-topic messages to communities where the local moderator has requested ceasure"
    ref: http://www.freeurl.com/fu/info/fu_nospam.asp

    The best ways to promote a commercial web site are to 'pay' for such advertising whether locally geographically, PPC or search engine placement. Recommended sources include Yahoo, Looksmart and Overture with prices starting at $299 USD for the main directories and a minimum of $0.05 for Overture. It can be expensive to be placed well but if you're serious about commercial web design, unsolicited links are very unlikely to win you a contract! Your best chances of landing a design contract is very likely traditional business in the area that you live or work, not afar. So get placed locally! (yellow pages or cold calling)

    There's a common misbelief that 'lots of traffic' will bring you reward. It's better to have just 1 targeted visitor than 100 window shoppers so you need to understand and appreciate what you're trying to sell and to whom.

    Remember that this is someone's else web site and whilst it's difficult to promote online and stand out from the crowd, treat other communities with the same respect you'd expect your own to be treated. The best way to stand out is to have rich content at your own site. Build and they will come.

    (this post was made by request)

    Derrick Austin

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