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  1. need help with my layout    Forum: Myspace Forum
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  2. Need Help with my layout!!!    Forum: Myspace Forum
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    Question need help for table layout

    I am new in this forum, and I need help on making a webpage, I hope I get some help.
    I am grateful for your help.
    Here is what I want to do:
    1-I want to have a page, using a 100% table,
    2- a banner on top
    3- a left column and a right column ( 160 pixel each)
    4- a middle area, which will be two part, top part some text and
    lower part will be three equal size columns, ( about 150-160 pixel each )
    (Three columns will be filled with text and pictures. many cells inside)
    Now my menu has fixed size and some pic on the right column are fixed,
    So I want to have these two tables ( right and left ,160 pixel )with fixed size,
    Now my problem is mostly in this middle area and I donít know how to handle it,
    Do I have to have middle area in 100%?
    then how to make the three columns have the same size.
    and not expand to right.
    I had this problems before with the similar design.
    I want to use nested table to control both expanding and same size control
    but I am not sure how many tables I should use and which way is better?
    if you know which way is better to handle the table from beginning of the design (I mean which table is better be nested or left alone) I appreciate you help.
    I also used transparent image to control the expanding
    but in some area does not work, so I guess I dont know how many times and were i should use them.
    sorry if my english is not good.
    thanks for your help.

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    Re: need help for table layout

    Your questions are a bit confusing. Im not sure if you need help with just positioning your center table or making it a specific size --- or if you need help with the configuration of each section....

    Can you repost your question section by section.. Like let's cover one question at a time. I am really good with tables and stuff so if you want to work on it piece by piece I am willing to help. I just don't want to answer your questions wrong just because I may not be understanding right.

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