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    Z-Index not working with IE.

    Ok, i recently designed a site where i used the Z-index: 2; and it worked fine. Then i thought it would be cool to do it in my myspace; but it doesnt show up.

    www.myspace.com/jvaccaro -first look at it in firefox [or another broswer of the sort] then in IE.

    the code:
    <table align="left" width="50%" height="100%">
    My name is John but please call me Chester.
    lets see here..im actually 15 and i am obsessed with playing the guitar [litterally]. I play and listen to metal.

    <div style="z-index: 2; filter: ; overflow: auto; width: 100%; position: left; height: 60%; display: block; background-color: 333333;">
    Superior by Extol:
    Behold He comes from the cross
    Where He suffered for our souls
    Behold the King of Life
    Is entering the fields of death
    In the dark empire of death
    A light is shining through the mist
    As the Lord of Life and Death
    Enters the gates of pure evil
    By the sight of Him
    The demons are shaking
    And the power of darkness flees
    And death for His feet is slain
    Predetermined through the ancient prophesies
    The incarnation of God and His victory
    Over death through purity and holiness
    His name is forever to be praised



    sorry for it being so messy but it was my myspace where i dont make pretty code :-P

    any help would be great...


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    Re: Z-Index not working with IE.

    I'm fairly sure that IE simply does not implement the z-index element properly.
    It works fine in IE 7...or will when it comes out.

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