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    Question Climbing Google Search List

    I have a dog walking business in Cleveland, Ohio, and I am seeking to increase traffic to my website. My website address is http://www.billthedogwalker.com

    I have had the website for a while, but a few months ago I redesigned it and edited some of the meta-tags, title pages, and content.

    I am focusing on improving how I list in typical google searches. I find that if I search for "bill the dog walker" I show up first, but I would like to show up at least on the first page with typical searches: "cleveland dog walking," "cleveland pet sitting," etc..

    I am in the phone book as well as a number of pet sitting directories (which show up high on these google searches). I believe my site looks representable enough, as I have recieved comments from clients about it.

    I do not know what else I need to do to improve where I show up on the google search. If someone could take a look at my site and tell me where I need improvement to get better recognition, that would be very much appreciated.

    If it makes any difference, I am hosting my website with www.Homestead.com currently.

    Also, I am considering buying the domain "www.clevelanddogwalking.com" or "www.clevelandpetsitting.com" as a solution to my problem. Would this be a good idea, or should I stick with working on the site I already have?

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    Re: Climbing Google Search List

    Welcome to the forums

    I took a quick look at your site and have a few basic suggestions.

    1) The code looks like you are using a Homestead editor to create the page. If possible, I would download the source and use notepad to clean it up, removing all the comment tags. If Homestead does not offer this option I would pack it up and move on.

    2) Without looking to deeply, it seems as if the title and metas may be the same on every page. You should make each page target its on set of keywords/phrases and use actual keyphrases in the title.

    3) Use 1 <h1> tag per page, including within it the pages targetted keyphrase.

    4) It is a good idea to have your main keyphrase as your domain name if possible. However to do it at this point, be certain that you do not have the old domain name running (in other words, watch out for duplicate content)

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