Commando Hosting is not some huge hosting company.

That IS a good thing!

We have limited our total clients to 500 per 3 admins and will not grow to more than 1500 clients. Why? Because we want to be able to provide the absolute best hosting available at a reasonable cost.
  • We will actually set up scripts on the server FREE of charge! (If we can't install it then your hosting is FREE for 1 year!)
  • We do perform needed upgrades to the server!
  • We do allow you to run scripts!
  • Our staff is all in the USA and this is a US Company! Division of Strongbox Holdings LLC in Oregon, USA
  • Servers are in CA
Hosting Includes:

Control Panel:

Plesk 7.5 Reloaded

* Host unlimited domains. (first domain is included and $2.95 per month each additional)
* Multiple Add-ons to add functionality.
* Services Restart Optimization increasing system performance.
* Domain Backup/Restore on/from Remote FTP Server.
* Multilanguage Support ($129.00 per Language Pack)
* Plus much more

Account Features:

Unlimited Name-Based Domains
Guaranteed Resources and Isolation
Burst-able, Multi-Tiered Bandwidth
500 meg disk space (PLENTY for most sites - more available)
Plesk 7.5 Reloaded Control Panel
Integrated Firewall
Unlimited FTP/Telnet/SSH accounts

Email Features:

Unlimited POP3 E-Mail Accounts
Unlimited E-Mail Aliases
Unlimited E-Mail Auto-responders
Unlimited E-Mail Forwarding
Unlimited Mailing Lists
Qmail SMTP Server
Built-in Web-Based E-Mail

Physical Server Features:

(2) 2.8 GHz Xeon, 8 GBs RAM (Upgrading to 3.0 CPU's)
Apache 2, Red Hat Fedora
RAID 5, Full Server Backups -Weekly
Site and User Level Spam Filters
Backup/Restore Feature


Perl, Python, PHP4, SSI
FrontPage Extensions
Unlimited MySQL DBs with PhpMyAdmin
Online Log File Manager
Online File and Upload Manager
Private, Jailed CGI-Bins

Additional Features:

Unlimited Domain Pointers
Unlimited Sub-domains
Password Protected Directories Manager
Webalizer and Analog Web Stats
Virus Scanning (Optional)

Additional IP Addresses = $2.00/mo/IP
SuSe, Debian, CentOS Support Available
Jailed File Systems for Security
Free Plesk Add-Ons- SpamAssassin

Our service is like having a dedicated server without the dedicated server cost!!

We pride ourselves in getting the job done! Period!

We can have you set up in 24 hours or less!

Here is a link to set up your hosting with us for only $9.95 per month:

You will get a 10 day free trial to try us out!!

The link is for the set up and installation of an article directory site which we will do free of charge, however we will host any site you wish as long as it is not adult related or promotes hate etc....