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    Read before posting
    Additional rules for posting classifieds

    The Classified section is a method to help members who have been helpful to others, with this in mind...

    1- Posts in the classified section may not account for more than 50% of a members total post account. In other words, helping in other sections of the forum buys the right to post a classified. If you have signed up for the sole purpose of posting repeated classifieds your posts and posting privledges will be removed.

    2 - There will be no links to third party sites for which the potential customer may view "more information". In other words, you may not make a post "Great site for sale visit ebay for details". Either post all of the details in your post or expect the post and posting privledges to be removed.

    3 - The rule against posting emails remains, if you post your email, expect your entire post to be removed.
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