i have developed a software myself. its a time saver for you. how? check below

this is really amazing software. if u want to purchase post :sold: payment via paypal cash only [not credit card payment if you can send only credit card payment than pm me]

you can

1] Search Google
[2] Check Domain Whois
[3] Check backlinks [by Iwebtool.com]
[4] Check your website's pagerank [by Iwebtool.com]
[5] Check Overture results. Check keyword importance.
[6] Search a domain if available [search by Namecheap.com]
[7] Search WIKIPedia
[8] Need free stock photo? Search it. [by Sxc.hu]
[9] Very light weight
[10] No installation necessory, just one .exe file.
[11] Will be never expired!
[12] It will be always on top of all applications, so it will be always handy.
[13] Now you can change color [this was a request by user!]

Download trial demo at

http://www.freesite.in/amazing-toolbar-shape-software-for-webmaster [i was not able to upload demo here so i have hosted it here ]

all suggestion/new features request are welcome