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    lol I used to be like that, but I figured after having 50 post discusions and it ends up being some little problem I could have fixed on the 2nd or 3rd post I just give em the code now and hope they get what I did lol

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    Yeah, that's understandable. You'll also notice that I stop posting once the proper answer is given. Some people will keep going until you do write their page for them.

    I've ignored a whole bunch of posts where the person asks some general question like "how can I have a FORM that accepts credit cards and emails me the response?" They obviously have done little homework and are looking for an easy solution to a difficult problem without having to do much work themselves.

    And, especially in this forum, which should be at a higher level than most others in which I participate, the people asking the questions should have at least a half-dozen .htm pages under their belts - or at least a rudimentary knowledge of


    </BODY> </HTML>

    coding. And, based upon the help I've already received here, this is a place for very experienced webmasters to come to share techniques, tricks and expertise that other webmasters can become interested in. And, lurkers can take advantage of all this by merely reading about what encoding the webmasters are busily tweaking to get working at their own sites.

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    I have to agree with the coding issues. Benzden is so right in his attitude. No-one learns from someone doing there coding for them.

    We are all here to learn. However, example code can be more useful than 1000 lines of tutorial. I tend to make a small example to show how something works.

    It depends on the level of knowledge the user is asking for. If someone posts some source code that shows a slight syntax error in a very advanced script, then you tend to post the single correction and keep your trap shut

    In Dereks example, I think he wanted to give the user an example of a well-written table and let him play. I think he achieved this.#

    I have encountered the same kind of thing as you, Benzden.

    I would like to setup a site that validates credit cards. I am doing a course in web design, and I need this page up by tommorow. Urgent help needed!
    The mans a git. He is just lazy. However, I have never encountered this problem on Daves board, which is why I am still here. All users seem eager to learn.

    Learning. Its why I am here. Glad to have you all with me
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