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    Small Bitmap over a Larger Bitmap

    Good morning,
    My name is John Divjak, and am relatively new to the activity of Web Page creation, although I have been doing Desktop apps in VB for about 6 years. I had first posed this problem with the HTML guru, benzden, who indicated that you may already have dealt with this type of a question . . .

    I am displaying a large bitmap in a web page using the IMG tag. I now want to place a small bitmat on top of the first one at pixel co-ordinate (x,y) 245,245. Is it possible to do this in HTML code or does one creat a Javascript to do this. Would you have a very simple sample on how this would be done?

    To put it simply . . . . . .

    (What this is is an actual building floor plan(blue print of sorts)bitmap, and I want to position certain architectural icons (small bitmaps) over certain positions on the floor plan when the user clicks on a button on the side of the web page.)

    Thank You,


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    Hiya John (again),

    I just posted a reply to your moved topic, the original one. However, reading this one, it may not be a perfect example.

    The code should work for the stated purpose, but the 'clicking a button' bit makes it all the more complicated. The example I posted on the other thread is a static example. If you need interactivity, we will need to go JavaScript.

    Still css, tho. I recommend using a combination of the 'position' attribute I outlined in the other thread, and another attribute called 'visibility'. Basically, we wil need to JavaScript to change the CSS attributes on an event.

    Have a play, let me knoe how it goes.
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