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    looking for some direction

    Hey Yall.

    Sorry to barge in, and I need some help.

    I am not a programmer in any language..

    So I am looking for help. I do not expect it to be free.

    I have a website that my web site people are slow and can not figure out how to create a form that carries data input from one page to the next.

    So here is the basic concept.

    I have a product.. wireless phones.. that will show a picture a price and a rate plan.
    It starts getting confusing fast

    Example.. the client wants 4 blackberry model 7130e and 4 separate rate plans.

    So a picture of the device, the model, and the rate plan per device.

    I carry 3 different carriers.. so each carrier has different offers and models.. each having a different rate plan.. stand alone plans, shared plans, bundled plans..

    Network cards
    If you want to see a working example visit the version shop or I have a page created that Im using but do not own the script and my web people cant figure it out.. to reproduce.

    That would open each offer per carrier..

    Back up..

    Carrier choice: tmobile, Verizon, sprint

    Then handset selection

    Once the client has chosen the device, and rate plan,, a continue button to fill in the name address , tax id etc personal information.

    Then submit..and goes to a ssl link.

    If this is something you guys do.. or could do.. please let me know..

    I will check back in a few days if this is something you can figure out and tell my webpeople how to do..or write the script and Ill buy it.

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    Re: looking for some direction

    There are lots of "shopping cart" scripts already out there, ranging from free to hugely expensive - first off you need to know what scripting languages are installed on your host's server ...

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    Re: looking for some direction

    why donot you try some freelace website for your problem

    like http://getafreelancer.com

    Ravish Kumar
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