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    hi im new to HTML and i was wondering if sum1 could send me a list of sum HTML i would need to start using HTML well. i would be greatful for any help anyone could give me. me email address is Smelly_Punker@hotmail.com Thanx a lot Jim Bridgeman
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    The members of this forum go out of thier way to help people, but only those that make an attempt to help themselves. It looks as if you have not even made an effort to read the tutorials. You are not asking "I need help with a table" "how do I get rid of the scrollbar on my left frame"

    Maybe I should just eliminate the website and advertise an email address where an autoresponder sends out an instant website, than again, maybe this is too much work for the lazies of the world.

    Make an attempt to learn and the members will be more than happy to give you a hand. If you are to lazy to even try to learn it, we do not have the time to try to teach it.

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