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    admin edit: You seem to have trouble with comprehension.

    1: this is the link exchange section, not a forum for selling advertising.

    2: I have had to ban numerous of your IDs already, I will be banning this one later when I have time.

    3: I have had to censor most of your domains, and will censor all others that I can find as well as removing all of your posts to the admin section.

    4: Here is an example of your not being able to follow rules - this user name has made 36 posts 11 have already been removed for breaking the rules, 24 have for some reason stayed though they all break the rules as well, 1 has been a legit post.

    You are not welcome to post on AHFB, period, end of story. If your sites are so bad that you feel you must constantly spam either take a look and improve your sites so that you can get traffic by legit means, or find another place for your spam.
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