Hello. I am working on a series of dating sites that oI plan to link together. My first site is an international dating site which I hope to link to a few sites more specific to the country. I hired a company to put together the first site. But , I hope to be able to do the other sites myself. I have seen software specifically for such sites. Any thoughts on this type of software? Also, I would like to know if anyone can tell me the benefit of having a free site with google or yahoo adds compared to a pay site. I currently an trying to find a good email questionnaire that sends the responses directly to my email. In addition I have seen sites that allow the user to invite all of their hotmail contacts to the site. Is this spam? It takes all the contacts from the users account and sends invitacions to all the contacts. Does anyone know how to make either of these types of sites or have any suggestions.Thanks,PabloPS Wow!! You guys are brilliant. I could sit and read the advise here for hours. This is a great site. I posted this here and in introduction because I have questions regarding development.