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    book store

    lookin in the JavaScript section and saw Danny Goodmans book had a 3 hand rating... 3 hand, and this other one that I know is horrible (or at least I and some others thought so, the one with the rhino on it haha) had a 5-star. Messed up... Haha just thought I'd mention it. That's really cool that you added that section Dave. Do you make any requests for books or do they add the books?

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    I understand what you are saying about the ratings, this is however the nature of the beast. There will always be differing opinions some will rate something a 1 others a 10 and others inbetween. Because these are backed by Amazon, and obviously I have not read everyone to give my own personal opinion, I have used Amazon ratings and descrips.

    I would love for viewers to suggest books that they may have in thier own personal reference liobrary. Please email me thru the forum email link, with the book title, author, description, and opinions. I will weigh your ratings along with the amazon rating to come up with a fair and honest rating for our users.

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    The books I use and recommend to others can always be found at:


    That site is becoming a central location for all the tricks, techniques, SCRIPTs, FORMs, SELECTs, etc. I learned or became aware of over the years - both to share with others and to give me a place where I can find a working example of something used on one of the hundreds of web sites/pages I have on the internet. [It's nowhere near complete but will be by the end of the year - some tricks will be included as I re-discover them when editing one or another page where they were first used -- sometimes several years ago. In other words, I've forgotten about as much as I've learned over the years.]

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