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    making a searchable archive with php

    I want to make an archive of sorts, but I don't want to publish it to the web (you know how you can open up websites that you're working on in a browser, if you saved the files as htm, even when you're not connected to the net?). I just want it on my computer, where I can view it/work on it without wasting bandwith.

    In this archive, I want to be able to search by different categories, like http://www.fanfiction.net/search.php Pretty simple would be nice.

    I gather I need to work in php and mysql to do this, and so I downloaded phpTriad and have it up and running (I can now see php documents at http://localhost/). But I'd never heard of php before last week and I don't really have the slightest clue what I'm doing.

    Is there a tutorial somewhere to write a search engine for a php site? Whenever I put things like "search tutorial" into a search engine, my results are along the lines of "how to get search engines to list your site," which isn't the tutorial I'm looking for.

    It would need to be very basic, and stepbystep-ish - I didn't even understand that I needed a server like apache on my computer until yesterday. If you don't want to take the time to explain it yourself, I'd still be grateful just for a helpful link. Any help at all would be very much appreciated.
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    Re: making a searchable archive with php

    The home of PHP is www.php.net
    The PHP experts are Zend (www.zend.com)
    The bad news is that PHP can't do the searching for you you're going to need some kind of database structure - but don't despair, PHP works superbly with a number of databases.
    If you don't already have one installed, or you only have Microsoft Access (not that you can't use it, but it's one of the more complicated options) head off to www.mysql.com for the free mySQL database - PHP integrates superbly with this.

    I'd seriously go out and get a rather hefty book on the subject, though. Whilst there are a number of brilliant resources on the net (including this one) it's difficult to take the internet with you when you want a quick read before bed (or on the loo )
    There are a number of books specifically about building systems on PHP/mySQL, so you've not even got to buy 2 books!

    Obviously whenever the book stumps you, here should be your first stop ...

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