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    Screen resolution problem

    First let me say, this site is great, i'm already learning a lot from it.
    My husband and I have a racing website that we thought was looking pretty good until a couple of people started mentioning they couldn't see the right hand side links...I couldn't figure out why until this morning someone emailed me and told me that I can see it fine because I use 1024 resolution and that people below that can't see it...I checked and sure enough they were right...I really like our template and really don't want to have to change, so I am hoping someone can tell me an easy to use html code that I can place in there somewhere so that all screen resolutions can see the page correctly.
    The website link is http://www.itsallamile.com
    Thanks for any help...

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    Re: Screen resolution problem

    In my opinion, there is no way to make the right column visible without ruining the page on 800x600.
    There are a number of options:
    1. Use Javascript to detect less than 1024x768 and redirect to a whole new layout.
    2. Do the above, but give customers a manual option (Click here for less than 1024 etc.)
    3. Get rid of the right-hand column and put the content at the bottom of the left-hand column. Visitors will scroll down for hours, but hardly anyone will scroll across.
    4. Alter the CSS to make the layout fluid, and shrink/stretch with the browser - I believe that will make the central column unreadable, though.
    5. Leave the 1024x768 "warning" in place, and rely on the majority of visitors having a suitable resolution.

    I'd favour 3, but it's up to you

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