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Thread: Formmail help

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    Formmail help

    Hi there, I hope you can point me in the right direction
    In formmail i have the following
    @recipients = &fill_recipients(
    Which works fine, what I want to do is enable any recipient specified in the form to receive mail, I have tried changing this to
    @recipients = &fill_recipients('.com','.co.uk'), but since I am not great (not great at all) at understanding how perl and how it parses info then this does not work.
    Any ideas?
    Thanks v.much for the help

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    Re: Formmail help

    Looks like the formmail script from Matts script archive - it is set up to avoid spammers using your script to spam - hence the domain restriction.
    To lift this you will have to hack the script - but then you are open to abuse from spammers which will quickly piss your ISP off.
    Formmail is really just a convenient way of people contacting webmaster so only one recipient needed.

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