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    Pick me ! Pick Me ! Ohhh, please check out my new site !

    Feed back welcomed !


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    Re: Pick me ! Pick Me ! Ohhh, please check out my new site !

    Awesome layout , I checked out Anchorage and I know Anchorage and the first thing is a place called Koots. it is a superbar and almost everythng goes by Koot's ideas. Chilcoot Charlie was a mountain man who got in a fight with Paul Bunyan and they went at it and that is what pushed all our dirt up into these mountains we have.

    You are covering too much, flash movies and driving directions for most of the planet, stars and maps and everything in the world but it is too much, there is no way anybody can cover everything from Chicago to Anchorage and get anybody to believe it, learn what you can do really good and make those links great, dump the rest and give us quality, your first impression is awesome.

    in Alaska we have 106.5 Kwhl rock radio, it is the trend setter they have the guts. If I want to watch a Space Shuttle take off in Florida, I would want to know the super bars, and the rock radio and a fresh report of where the smart people are, and where the cops are not too thick, same thing, smart peope don't attract cops. I will look at their youth culture, but not want to pretend I am part of it.

    Your layout rocks but it is like a bunch of boys dressed like cheerleaders in a glamour rock band in the 80s, with big hair, and wimpy music, get the song to have a solid beat with less html worship.

    Three things the people are tired of,-- one is, people telling us we need to "do that ourselves" then that we "need to find support" and "we are full of self pity" those things get a bit old after we are about fifteen, we grew up, and we deserve rewards appropriate for adults, that basically means to ask your customers what they want, not a market analyst or statistics broker about what the hot cool thing is.

    You asked for a solid opinion.. and I can only really envy your work and skill, good luck and I will be a fan, not a groupie, but I will have it on my bookmark for a while.

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